About Us

About Kanyä London

Kanyä London is a clothing company based in London, UK. Inspired by our interconnected world, Kanyä London aims to embrace our multicultural identities through fashion. We create elegant sarees, lehengas and apparel to reinvent South Asian wear to an everyday look.


At Kanyä London, our mission is to ethically create timeless pieces that allows us to upskill and empower the disadvantaged out of poverty. We are a community that embraces multicultural identities as an expression of our interconnected world.


To become drivers of social change that empower communities through ethical practices and circular fashion.


  • Sustainability: taking responsibility to ensure that our products are sustainably sourced and created.
  • Integrity: staying true to our principles in all aspects of our performance.
  • Diversity: to create equal opportunities and an inclusive space for all.
  • Passion: to always create our products that reflect our appreciation of our multicultural roots.
  • Creativity & innovation: to continuously curate new products inspired by our ever changing society.
  • Commitment: to honour our mission, vision and core values.